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Gifts and Donations


Canada is celebrating 150 years of Confederation this year. In concert with that commemoration, Port Hope Public Library Board has created a fundraising campaign to assist its local library in expanding excellent service and quality programming initiatives called '150/150', encouraging residents to invest $150 in Port Hope Public Library during Canada’s 150th anniversary. Donations that fall outside the focus of this campaign also will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

It is the goal of the Port Hope Public Library Board to provide library staff with funding for diverse services and innovative free programs to meet the changing needs of the community at both Mary J. Benson and Garden Hill branches. Staff have identified areas within the physical buildings that need to be upgraded.

Help grow one of Port Hope’s most precious cultural assets by donating to this campaign.

For further details contact Margaret Scott, Library CEO at 905-885-4712 or email

The Port Hope Public Library Board acknowledges the following donors to the 150/150 Campaign. These donors are making a much-appreciated investment in your public library. The Community is invited to particpate.

Donating to the Library is a gift to the whole community.

The Library and all of our patrons greatly benefit from gifts and donations received from generous supporters every year. Donations of books, DVDs, books on CD, and gifts of money to buy these materials enhance and supplement the collection. Gifts and donations are also a wonderful way to recognize a person, event, or organization.

How do I donate securities?

The Government of Canada has eliminated the capital gains tax on the eligible amount of publicly traded securities donated to registered charities.  A gift of securities to Port Hope Public Library helps your award-winning library purchase new books and other library material, enhance services, and continue to offer high-quality library programs and special events for the entire community.


Donating Money

Cash is good, too!
The Library always welcomes gifts of money. Donate by cash or cheque and we’ll do the purchasing. You may specify a title or subject matter, or leave that up to us. You may also request that your gift of money be used to buy equipment or furniture for the Library. We will highlight your donation with a bookplate or small plaque, if you like.

Donating to the Library is a unique way to honour someone special or mark an occasion. Some ideas include:

Contact the Library at 905.885.4712 or email for further details or for other ways in which you may donate, and for information about how donations may be tax deductible.


Donating Books, DVDs and books on CD

The Library welcomes donations of:

  • new and newer hardcover and paperback books in excellent condition;
  • new and newer books on CD in good working order;
  • DVDs in good working order;
  • books of any age pertaining to Port Hope local history.

Not sure what we mean by 'newer?'

Please contact 905.885.4712 or e-mail for further information.


 Our storage space is limited!

If your donation consists of more than 2 grocery bags or 1 box, please contact 905.885.4712 or email before you donate.

Your donations will enhance the Library in one of two ways:

  • we will add them to the Library’s collection when appropriate;
  • we will put them on the ongoing book sale shelves, the proceeds of which fund new purchases for the Library.

The ongoing book sale shelves are located beneath the windows in the Circulation Desk area.


Port Hope Public Library is listed on, the national not-for-profit donation portal. If you are interested in donating securities to Port Hope Public Library please contact the Chief Librarian/CEO.



  • make a donation as the perfect ‘thank you’ gift for your child’s teacher;
  • ask that guests to a birthday party or other celebration donate to the Library in the honoured person’s name instead of buying gifts;
  • donate in your children’s or grandchildren’s names;
  • donate money and submit a list of titles your organization would like to see added to the Library’s collection
  • request that people make an ‘In Memoriam’ donation for someone who has passed away;