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Angus Mowat Award of Excellence in Public Library Service


The Port Hope Public Library is honoured to have won the Ministry of Culture's Angus Mowat Award of Excellence in Public Library Service in 2006 and again in 2007.

The Library's 2007 winning initiative was

The Library successfully applied for $2,500 in funding through the Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation’s Local Initiatives Program.  One of the Library’s major corporate partners, Cameco Corporation, committed an additional $1,000 to help the Port Hope Public Library achieve the project’s goals. Further funding was provided by the Friends of the Library.

The Library surveyed local businesses, including retailers, restaurants, industry, and home-based and web-based businesses, to determine their information needs.  The results of those surveys were used to identify gaps in the Library's business collection. 

As part of the project:

  • 50 Surveys were hand delivered to comprehensive range of local businesses
  • 26 (52%) of Surveys were returned with a high quality of responses
  • 140 New Business Books were added to the Library’s collection
  • 3 New Library Publications (Bookmark and Flyers) were widely distributed to promote business collection and services
  • 7 Special Outreach Events promoted the business collection and library services
  • Library Partnerships and Outreach resulted in a stronger public library and more enriched community

The effectiveness of the "Open a Book, Open a Business @ Port Hope Public Library" project resulted in a greater depth and range of business books in the collection, innovative programming initiatives appealing to a broad spectrum in the community, the promotion and creation of new partnerships, and a heightened awareness of the role of the Library in supporting local economic development.

The Library won the 2006 Angus Mowat Award for its Library.Card.Cool campaign.

The Library.Card.Cool initiative encouraged all school-aged children in the Municipality of Port Hope to have and use a Port Hope Public Library card. Students who became members of the Library or updated their cards were given a free clip wallet. On their return visit, students were rewarded with a bright orange multilingual READ gel bracelet.

Entire classes and schools were encouraged to sign up for Library cards. The school with the most participants in the program was awarded a trophy, and all participating classes had a chance to win a free pizza lunch.

During the Library.Card.Cool program:

  • 25 school classes visited the Library;
  • 525 children were introduced to the Library through those visits;
  • Over 700 clip wallets were handed out to children for new or updated Library cards;
  • 25% of children returned to get a gel bracelet;
  • Dr. L.B. Powers School was awarded the Best Participant Trophy
  • 2 classes won the pizza lunch draw - the grade 1 class at Dr. Powers School; and the grade 5 extended French class at Central Public School.

Angus McGill Mowat 1892 - 1977

Angus Mowat started his long library career in Trenton, Ontario, and then moved to Belleville, Windsor, and Saskatoon. He became Inspector of Public Libraries for the Province of Ontario in 1937, and after a very industrious career retired in 1960. He then moved to 18 King Street in Port Hope and served for several years on the Port Hope Library Board. In 1985, his former colleagues in the field of libraries honoured his memory by naming the Ontario Library Award of Excellence after him.

Angus Mowat's family still resides in the area. Angus's daughter-in-law, noted author Claire Mowat, still lives in the house on King Street. His younger son John and three of his grandsons also live in the area.